Based on the code here I am trying to run an integration test using the solana_program_test crate.

The integration test code I am executing is as follows:

#![cfg(feature = "test-bpf")]
use {
    solana_program::{pubkey::Pubkey, system_program},
    solana_sdk::signature::{Keypair, Signer},

fn test_echo() {
    let program_id = Pubkey::new_unique();
    let mut program_test = ProgramTest::default();
    program_test.add_program("echo", program_id, None);

    let auth = Keypair::new();
        solana_sdk::account::Account {
            lamports: 100_000_000_000,
            data: vec![],
            owner: system_program::id(),

When I execute the test by running:

cargo test --package bpf-program-template --test integration_test test_echo --features "test-bpf" -- --exact

I get the following error:

-- snipped --

---- test_echo stdout ----
thread 'test_echo' panicked at 'Program processor not available for echo (4uQeVj5tqViQh7yWWGStvkEG1Zmhx6uasJtWCJziofM)', /Users/me/.cargo/registry/src/github.com-1ecc6299db9ec823/solana-program-test-1.11.1/src/lib.rs:671:17
note: run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` environment variable to display a backtrace

-- snipped --

Any idea on how to fix it? Could not get much info on the solana_program_test crate as it seems not to be documented that much.

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You should add the entry in the third argument of the program_test.add_program method as following:

let mut program = ProgramTest::default();
program.add_program("<program_name>", <program_name>::id(), processor!(<program_name>::entry));

Replace <program_name> with the name of your program, the one defined in Cargo.toml > [package] > name. In this case I think you can use "echo".

After the changes, execute using cargo test-bpf.


For me, I needed to define the env variable BPF_OUT_DIR to the location of my .so file, and as my test program was adding multiple programs I made sure to include each one. I found this by reading here: https://docs.rs/solana-program-test/latest/src/solana_program_test/lib.rs.html#415

example commands:

$ export BPF_OUT_DIR=/home/lando/projects/mpl/mpl/test-programs

$ pwd


$ cargo test --features='test-bpf' --test buy



Not all solana programs expose an entrypoint that works with ProcessInstructionWithContext. However, instead of

cargo test

you can use

cargo test-sbf

With test-sbf everything should work out of the box and you don't even need to call add_program on your ProgramTest instance.

I believe cargo test-sbf is the canonical way of running rust tests for solana programs at the moment, perhaps somebody wiser than me can comment on what it actually does under the hood.

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