I am getting this error when trying to do an SPL token transfer.

Solana Docs makes it seem as if this is a 'Frozen Account' error. I am not sure why the account of the sender or the newly created account of the receiver is 'Frozen'

My code can be found here

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0x12 in hex is 18 in decimal. So I think the error you're seeing is:

/// Mint decimals mismatch between the client and mint
#[error("The provided decimals value different from the Mint decimals")]

Your code doesn't include the public keys so I can't confirm, but I think you'll probably find that the mint doesn't have 2 decimals. So I think the error is here in your code:

  const transaction = new Transaction().add(
      2 // decimals of mint, this is checked and I think is incorrect

Playing around sent 63 Tim's to trust wallet, wallet showed 63000000 Tim's. Entered custom token put in Tim's solana address adjusted the decmil to 9 and then the trust wallet showed 63 the amt. I sent. Now able to move tim onward to other wallets if so desire.

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