Tell me please. I have created a SPL token, how do I add the website and social networks to the metadata now? Previously, this could be done with the help of PR on github.

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This was changed due to the PR method not scaling.

Now tokens support metadata and you can easily create one via:


  • Yes, but I can’t add a website and social networks to metodata. Else when creating a token on app.strataprotocol.com/launchpad in explorer, it says a warning that the token is not unique
    – Zero Q4
    Commented Sep 8, 2022 at 16:14
// Instruction to initialize the MetadataPointer Extension for the Mint Account
  const initializeMetadataPointerIx =
      mintAddress, // Mint Account address
      isImmutable ? null : updateAuthority, // Authority that can set the metadata address
      mintAddress, // Account address that holds the metadata

  // Instruction to initialize Metadata Account data
  const initializeMetadataIx = createInitializeInstruction({
    programId: TOKEN_2022_PROGRAM_ID, // Token Extension Program as Metadata Program
    metadata: mintAddress, // Account address that holds the metadata
    updateAuthority: updateAuthority, // Authority that can update the metadata
    mint: mintAddress, // Mint Account address
    mintAuthority: updateAuthority, // Designated Mint Authority
    name: metaData.name,
    symbol: metaData.symbol,
    uri: metaData.uri,

  // If additional custom fields need to be updated or added
  const updateFieldIx = createUpdateFieldInstruction({
    programId: TOKEN_2022_PROGRAM_ID,
    metadata: mintAddress,
    updateAuthority: updateAuthority,
    field: metaData.additionalMetadata[0][0], // Key of the field to update
    value: metaData.additionalMetadata[0][1], // Value of the field to update

I did this but I dont know if it works since I am on devnet

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