I am trying to create a token with a vanity address. I have tried the following.

solana-keygen grind —starts-with test:1

and test....tg.json file has been created. After this, when I run spl-token create-account test...tg.json, it shows no such file or directory (os error2).Which command should I run with to create a token and mint with the vanity keypair json file created?

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spl-token create-account <token-address> is used to create a token account, so you need to pass the token address, not the wallet address.

You can follow the below steps to achieve what you trying to do

# Creates a token and use the token address to create an account 
# or use any existing token address
spl-token create-token --decimals 0
# Creates the token account associated to given token address,
# if the vanity address is set to default Keypair path in Solana config
# you can exclude the --owner flag
spl-token create-account <token-address> --owner <vanity-address>

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