So, how many sub-instructions are allowed in a transaction?

For example, I want to transfer 100 tokens to 100 different people and I wanna do it from a DAO multisig wallet - is it possible to do 100 subinstructions in an instruction?


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There is a size limit on solana transactions of 1232 bytes. However many instructions you can fit in 1232 bytes would be the limit.

  • IIRC you can do something like this transaction.serialize().length; to calculate the size of your Tx. It can be helpful if you're debugging/trying to fix as much into a transaction w/o going over the limit.
    – AMilz
    Jan 30 at 1:11

The other limitation is on the number of accounts.

From the Solana docs,

An instruction contains a program id index, followed by a compact-array of account address indexes, followed by a compact-array of opaque 8-bit data. The program id index is used to identify an on-chain program that can interpret the opaque data. The program id index is an unsigned 8-bit index to an account address in the message's array of account addresses. The account address indexes are each an unsigned 8-bit index into that same array.

Since account indexes are 1 byte, you can't have more than 256 accounts in a single transaction.

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