I'm trying to get Solana transaction status using Rust. You can get the transaction status using explorer.solana.com, but I want to get it via code.

I tried to use the get_signature_status function in the Rust SDK. The function above expect a signature object.

So I tried using it:

let sig_s = String::from("...");
let sig: Signature = Signature(sig_s.as_bytes());
let stat = self.client.get_signature_status(&sig);
println!("{:?}", stat);

But I getting error of: "constructor is not visible here due to private fields"

I'm trying to understand if there is another way to create Signature object, I guess there should be a way to create Signature object and get its status.

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You are probably using outdated version of solana docs. In the latest version, Signature implements FromStr so you can do the following:

let sig = Signature::from_str(sig_s).unwrap();

And that'll get you a signature you can use.

See https://docs.rs/solana-sdk for the latest version.

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