I'm trying to update primary_sale_happened to true in the metadata's NFT. I have deployed my program with anchor. But when I test it, I have this error printed in the console: Error: failed to send transaction: Transaction simulation failed: Error processing Instruction 0: An account required by the instruction is missing. I suppose that I pass wrong inputs to the update_primary_sale_happened_via_token, but I didn't get what I have to pass to the method.

Here some context.

This is the code that I'm using in the rust program:

            ctx.accounts.metadata.key(), // desc="Metadata key (pda of ['metadata', program id, mint id])")
            ctx.accounts.owner_authority.key(), // desc="Owner on the token account")
            ctx.accounts.owner_token_account.key(), // desc="Account containing tokens from the metadata's mint")

Note: mpl_instruction is just an alias of mpl_token_metadata::instruction

And this is the code from my test file:

await program.methods.primarySale(
            new anchor.BN(saleAmount)
                mint: mint,
                ownerTokenAccount: ownerTokenAddress, // pass to the update_primary_sale_happened_via_token as fourth param
                ownerAuthority: wallet.publicKey, // pass to the update_primary_sale_happened_via_token as third param
                buyerTokenAccount: buyerTokenAddress,
                buyerAuthority: buyer.publicKey,
                metadata: metadataAddress, // pass to the update_primary_sale_happened_via_token as second param

I get the metadata with this call:

const metadataAddress = (await anchor.web3.PublicKey.findProgramAddress(

The owner_authority is the wallet's publickey which have been used to mint. wallet.publicKey

And the owner_token_account is retrieved with this call:

const ownerTokenAddress = await anchor.utils.token.associatedAddress({
            mint: mint,
            owner: wallet.publicKey

Here are the versions of the libs that I use for the program:

anchor-lang = "0.25.0"
anchor-spl = "0.25.0"
mpl-token-metadata = { version = "1.4.0", features = ["no-entrypoint"] }

What I'm doing wrong with the accounts? Is there an other account to pass to the method?

Thanks for your help.

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It does not seams like there needs to be any more accounts needed in this instruction.

  • So, if I provide the right inputs to the update_primary_sale_happened_via_token method. That should mean, that I have to pass more account(s) to the vec accounts of the invoke method? Something like: invoke(instruction, $[metadata, owner, token, /* more accounts here? */]). N.B. I tried to pass system_program accounts to the vec but does not fix my problem.
    – nitame
    Sep 24, 2022 at 7:27

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