I just migrated my NFT collection to the new Metaplex certified collection standard using their tool at link

Now when I try and run .nfts().update() I get the following error

Source: Program > TokenMetadataProgram [metaqbxxUerdq28cj1RbAWkYQm3ybzjb6a8bt518x1s]

>> Problem: The program [TokenMetadataProgram] at address [metaqbxxUerdq28cj1RbAWkYQm3ybzjb6a8bt518x1s] raised an error of code [101] that translates to "Can't use this function on unsized collection".

How can I size the collection? I would like to be able to update our NFTs again ASAP.

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There's a workaround i tried, I create a new NFT collection using the create method. passing the isCollection and collectionIsSized to true. then i updated my nfts to use this collection. Now i can update my nfts using the update method.

const result = await create({
    name: metadata.name,
    symbol: metadata.symbol,
    isCollection: true,
    collectionIsSized: true,

So the great team over at Metaplex actaully fixed this issue. Turns out it was a bug in the JS SDK.

Loris pushed an update and I verified it now works great!

Make sure to use @metaplex-foundation/js v 0.16.0 or later NPM listing

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