I'm writing a bash script to do some creating of mints, associated token accounts and minting.

What I'm trying to do is, create a mint with a mint_authority A keypair, and then create a associated token account for specified owner B and then mint some tokens to the specified owner B.

But when I'm trying to mint using the following command,

spl-token mint <TOKEN_MINT> 1 --owner <B_PUBKEY> --fee-payer <A_KEYPAIR_PATH> -u devnet --mint_authority <A_KEYPAIR_PATH>

I get an error that says,

error: The argument '--mint-authority <KEYPAIR>' was provided more than once, but cannot be used multiple times

And, if I set my default keypair to A_KEYPAIR_PATH using solana config set -k <A_KEYPAIR_PATH> and then run the following command,

spl-token mint <TOKEN_MINT> 1 --owner <B_PUBKEY> --fee-payer <A_KEYPAIR_PATH> -u devnet

I get an error saying,

error: missing signature for supplied pubkey: <B_PUBKEY>

Now, what I don't understand is that why would I require a signature for B when the mint_authority is A?

And the signature of A should be available since I'm either setting the --mint_authority flag or setting the default keypair as A.

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This is a bug, so there's this issue to track its resolution: https://github.com/solana-labs/solana-program-library/issues/3684

In the meantime, to get around this, you can avoid using the --owner flag and instead specify the owner's associated-token-account address, ie:


after some discussion we decided --owner is working as intended, as it typically refers to the authority the main action is tied to or taken under. ive added a --recipient-owner flag to mint that covers your usecase

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