Some Wallet apps allow Notes (sometimes also called 'memos') attached to transactions. This other question also mentions notes can be made with the CLI:

Here's a transaction with a note I made earlier:

enter image description here

I can see transaction ID PdX96DWpeMRqjxP7tQHU7aVMkjongnQz7mmkLPmvtezvWoJzqnVfJpYu3xxmRWSTngKDQ9A7a4UP4s4Tj463jr4 has an additional instruction to the note... program (noteD9tEFTDH1Jn9B1HbpoC7Zu8L9QXRo7FjZj3PT93) specifically, which when decoded from Hex to UTF-8

const note = hexToUtf8(`54657374206e6f746520746f20726563697069656e742066726f6d204d696b65`);
expect(note).toEqual("Test note to recipient from Mike");

How do I add a note to my Solana transactions using web3.js? Is there documentation for the note program somewhere?


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Answering my question to help others - there are to be two common ways to add comments to transactions:

The memo program

The memo app is a popular SPL app at the address MemoSq4gqABAXKb96qnH8TysNcWxMyWCqXgDLGmfcHr on mainnet.

npm i @solana/spl-memo


import { createMemoInstruction } from '@solana/spl-memo';

(...make whatever transaction you need)

  createMemoInstruction('Hello, memo-transfer!', [payer.publicKey]),

await sendAndConfirmTransaction(connection, transaction, [fromKeypair]);

The note program

A note program at noteD9tEFTDH1Jn9B1HbpoC7Zu8L9QXRo7FjZj3PT93 is used by Glow Wallet. Glow made this, but I can't find documentation on it.


You can add memos on Token22 transfers, and the Mint can be configured to require them on any transfer: https://spl.solana.com/token-2022/extensions#required-memo-on-transfer.

If you don't want to add another dependency to your program, you can piggy-back on this functionality if your program already requires spl transfers (since most do). You can use a dummy spl transfer internally to use the memo functionality.

@mikemaccana 's Existing answer regarding the memo program (https://spl.solana.com/memo) is also correct.

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