In geyser plugin there is notify_block_metadata() and I am curious if this block_metadata is produced always when slot is already rooted or can be produced also for confirmed and processed slots.

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In Solana Official documented it says:

"finalized" - the node will query the most recent block confirmed by supermajority of the cluster as having reached maximum lockout, meaning the cluster has recognized this block as finalized

"confirmed" - the node will query the most recent block that has been voted on by supermajority of the cluster. It incorporates votes from gossip and replay. It does not count votes on descendants of a block, only direct votes on that block. This confirmation level also upholds "optimistic confirmation" guarantees in release 1.3 and onwards.

"processed" - the node will query its most recent block. Note that the block may still be skipped by the cluster.

I personally use "processed" in dev mode as it only takes one confirmation (fastest confirmation mode), and before pushing it to mainnet, I set it to "finalized" to confirm that cluster has recognized this block. "finalized" will make you wait longer for confirmation.

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