Pretty much the title...I was always under the impression that once the program is deployed it is immutable, however I have recently seen companies changing the logic of their onchain programs after deployment. So my question is, for a deployed onchain program with the instruction/function X that takes parameters Ps and accounts As, what can I modify in Ps and As after deployment?

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You can literally change anything and everything.

Until a program is marked as immutable (which is an irreversible operation), the upgrade authority can make any arbitrary changes to the bytes of the buffer account containing the program's byte-code. They can even point the program to an entirely different buffer account.

This is a significant risk vector and must be accounted for before interacting with any program on mainnet.

But there are operational reasons why this is generally preferable to non-upgradeable programs. As a developer, upgradeable programs allow one to:

  • address bugs and vulnerabilities (this is kind of the big one)
  • keep up to date with CPI'd programs that might have updated
  • re-assign hard-coded accounts

This trust issue can be mitigated by a number of measures, including only interacting with programs:

  • whose developers are not anonymous
  • whose code is open-source
  • whose upgrade authority is behind a multisig, preferably one where transaction proposals must execute after a delay, so that malicious changes can be noticed ahead of time.
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