1. what happens if I re-alloc an account but i forget to transfer enough lamports to make the account rent-exempt?
  2. is it possible to make an account smaller?
  3. The following note in the realloc documentation was confusing:
    /// This method makes assumptions about the layout and location of memory
    /// referenced by `AccountInfo` fields. It should only be called for
    /// instances of `AccountInfo` that were created by the runtime and received
    /// in the `process_instruction` entrypoint of a program.

I'm confused how it's even possible to call re-alloc without always satisfying these constraints.

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  1. The transaction will fail if there's not enough lamports for the account to be rent-exempt.
  2. Yes, you can make an account smaller.
  3. This means that you should only use realloc in an on-chain program. If you use it off-chain, it will cause a segfault because of the unsafe code that it performs. Feel free to read the source code! https://github.com/solana-labs/solana/blob/1fbd818647e7e87b9c706ddb26a28572d19a44c8/sdk/program/src/account_info.rs#L147

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