I guess Im new, and my question maybe related to that...

  1. I deployed a Smart Contract to mainnet-beta.

  2. I got a Program ID."ABxhuh61R8QsvQFCmqy******"

  3. I placed that program ID in the Anchor.toml: [programs.mainnet] metaplex_anchor_nft = "ABxhuh61R8QsvQFCmqy******"

  4. I also added that id to the declare in the lib.rs

  5. I want to redeploy it. Solana Program deploy /target/deploy/*.so

  6. Solana return that I need full fund, and not as redeploy. Can I still redeploy it?

  • Can you be more clear on what changes you made in your program and the exact error message
    – Pratik.js
    Commented Oct 21, 2022 at 4:45

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This might be an issue with the command you're using. To redeploy the program, you must run

solana program deploy ./target/deploy/*.so --program-id ABxhuh61R8QsvQFCmqy....

You can read more from the help for the command:

solana program deploy -h

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