i process transactions and get metadata of nft but sometimes there are many fake one but i can't distinguish if it's fake or not, so i put them in the real collections.

Let's look at some details.

let's look at this one : https://magiceden.io/item-details/HUoMfa1L33XADRoEmczGSKrXHZ6D8tPzaWrFoVnfJocW

This is unverified collection and obviously the collection field in metadata is null

collection: null,
collectionDetails: null

I know that's cool but now let's look at this one https://magiceden.io/item-details/J8i5Lffme9tiAsrxonT3xpdJQG17aVmyeAPCHby8fweu

This collection should be verified but from metadata the collection is null

collection: null,
collectionDetails: null

This can be faked easily and i don't know how can i distinguish fake nft from real one.

Also this one is fake but from data i can't distinguish if it's fake or not.

json: {
    name: 'DeGod #5047',
    symbol: 'DGOD',
    description: '10,000 of the most degenerate gods in the universe.',
    seller_fee_basis_points: 999,
    image: 'https://metadata.degods.com/g/5046-dead.png',
    external_url: 'https://degods.com/',
    attributes: [
      [Object], [Object],
      [Object], [Object],
      [Object], [Object],
      [Object], [Object],
      [Object], [Object]
    collection: { name: 'DeGods', family: 'Godplex' },
    properties: { files: [Array], category: 'image', creators: [Array] }

Anyone know how to get if the nft is fake or not?

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There are 3 ways to tell if a NFT is real:

  1. The official collection has released a hashlist containing the address of every NFT in the collection.
  2. You know what is the first verified creator (it can be more than 1 first verified creator, because NFTs can be minted from differents Candy Machines, each one having its own First verified creator).
  3. You know what is the Metaplex Certified Collection address (onchain collection) of the official NFT.

For example Degods official onchain collection is 6XxjKYFbcndh2gDcsUrmZgVEsoDxXMnfsaGY6fpTJzNr so if you want to check if your Degod is rial, then you have to verify its onchain collection with the above address and verified true.

example official degod

Also, Degod were minted from 2 Candy Machines, so they have 2 first verified creator that has to be checked (if you dont want to use onchain collection) (1st 9MynErYQ5Qi6obp4YwwdoDmXkZ1hYVtPUqYmJJ3rZ9Kn, 2nd 8RMqBV79p8sb51nMaKMWR94XKjUvD2kuUSAkpEJTmxyx).

In both cases you should ask the team for this fields in order to know what exactly the official values are.


If I remember well, you need to find a list of every mints (so the 10000 for Degods) and check them individually

Would be interested if anyone knows another way of doing this!

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