Shouldn't this work to get the public key according to the documentation? I tried the below code and get an error TypeError: wallet.publicKey is not a function. https://solana-labs.github.io/solana-web3.js/classes/Keypair.html

let wallet = solana_web3.Keypair.generate();

How do I get a copy of this https://solana-labs.github.io/solana-web3.js/classes/PublicKey.html from the generated wallet?

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i believe that you just need to replace wallet.publicKey() with wallet.publicKey because you are reading a property, not calling a method

import { PublicKey, Keypair } from "@solana/web3.js";

const wallet = Keypair.generate();
const pubKey=wallet.publicKey

as your PublicKey docs link, PublicKey is a class and its constructor is

new PublicKey(value: PublicKeyInitData): PublicKey

to create a PublicKey instance

// I generated the pubKey above
const publicKeyInstance = new PublicKey(pubKey);

Now you should be accessing all the methods in the PublicKey docs

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