I am building an app where I need to generate a message signed on the backend with NodeJS, something like window.solana.signMessage('hello'). I have the user's private key, I just need a signature to authenticate the user, but I cannot find how to generate it on the server.


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You can use NaCl tweet library to generate the signature on the server

     // Encode anything as bytes
      const message = new TextEncoder().encode("Your message here");
     // Sign the bytes using the wallet
     const signature = await signMessage(message);

     // Verify that the bytes were signed using the private key that matches the known public key
    const result = nacl.sign.detached.verify(
    if(!result) throw new Error('Invalid signature!');

result will be true or false depending upon whether the user is signing the message using his own private key.. Hope this helps.


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