I have a wallet 5FHwkrdxntdK24hgQU8qgBjn35Y1zwhz1GZwCkP2UJnM that has a token account Tig6ugKWyQqyRgs8CeDCuC3AaenQzRJ5eVpmT5bboDc.

I can see the transaction F3YdjJSsAE8rDrMFwSrmf7P8vZSMfVvKBrY9C612td1gM6eqZdZSbTM723bwDmMS2j5mYNrPwJgFc64Ra79Wyr5 on my token account - where I received 50 USDC tokens (it's at the bottom, 7 days ago):

enter image description here

However unusually, this transaction does not show up on my wallet: Other token transactions, however, do.

enter image description here

Why can't I see this transaction on my wallet?

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The other three transactions in your screenshot are outgoing (send) transactions. Whereas F3Y transaction is an incoming (receive) transaction.

When you interact with the SPL program, it uses the token accounts to transfer tokens. In receive transaction, your wallet address is not used as an account in the transaction. That's why it doesn't show up on the explorer when you search your wallet.

However, when you send the tokens, you have to sign the transaction with your wallet, which means even your wallet address is used as an input in the transaction along with the token address. So send transactions will reflect when you search your wallet on the explorer.

  • Thanks @tsar! I know about ATAs, but I previously thought searching a wallet would also return token transactions precisely because of the thing you mention in your third paragraph - outgoing token transactions show up because the parent wallet was signing them. Your answer makes things much clearer.
    – mikemaccana
    Nov 15, 2022 at 10:52

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