MagicEden has a few programs, such as EnglishAuction, EnglishAuctionSpl, DutchAuction, and, possibly DutchAuctionSpl. But I weren't able to find address of a DutchAuction program anywhere. What is it?

Reference for other programs:


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The program address is DA14CwvMNkbMggye6Fkvqa1cMxo2Rh3neLvo8ufWoyeL


How did i find it? Most auctions on the UI are english auctions, so i failed there. However, opening the english auction program, i thought about scanning what other programs the update authority has.

The update authority is A2sJmQ54Fv3kJuRwhG8KyFTjYNF7o9qgT4MvSEUSMSev

I ran in the solana CLI a search for other programs which have this address as authority

solana program show --buffer-authority A2sJmQ54Fv3kJuRwhG8KyFTjYNF7o9qgT4MvSEUSMSev --programs -um

Program Id                                   | Slot      | Authority                                    | Balance
EA15T2W45BJFm71XmB5VGcsiWGKZTNfnK6aCmE2Hb5eC | 134983193 | A2sJmQ54Fv3kJuRwhG8KyFTjYNF7o9qgT4MvSEUSMSev | 4.47297624 SOL
CMZYPASGWeTz7RNGHaRJfCq2XQ5pYK6nDvVQxzkH51zb | 158679831 | A2sJmQ54Fv3kJuRwhG8KyFTjYNF7o9qgT4MvSEUSMSev | 7.86945624 SOL
DA14CwvMNkbMggye6Fkvqa1cMxo2Rh3neLvo8ufWoyeL | 126213168 | A2sJmQ54Fv3kJuRwhG8KyFTjYNF7o9qgT4MvSEUSMSev | 5.27176152 SOL

DA..., Dutch auction, like the IDL also confirms

  • The saddest thing in the end is that they do not used this auction and it has only 10-15 calls into it. Thank you!
    – RowanStone
    Nov 25, 2022 at 10:51

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