I am trying to sign a transaction using a delegate account, but transaction.verifySignature() always returns false. However, the transaction works perfectly when I sign it with the owner's keypair. Here's a little reference to my code.

// delegate the ATA to delegate authority
await approve(connection,owner,ataAddress,delegateAuthority.publicKey,owner.publicKey,3000)

//build swap tx
tx = buildSwapTransaction(params)

This particular chunk of code returns false for delegate keypair and true for owner's keypair

P.S. I hope you get the idea of what I am trying to do

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So I found out that when sending a transfer instruction using delegate account, you have to specify the delegate account as both the signer and the owner. Previously, I was specifying the actual owner as the owner in transaction, and was then trying to sign transaction with delegate keypair. This was causing the transaction to fail.

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