I'm trying to modify the genesis.bin parameters but there isn’t specific documentation.

But I can see modify-genesis as an available sub-command but can’t figure out how to use it to modify Cluster type and Creation time.

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I've figured this out. I am answering my own question hoping that someone will find it helpful.

solana-ledger-tool --ledger ledger-directory/ modify-genesis --cluster-type development --hashes-per-tick "sleep" OUPUT_DIRECTORY
  • Possible values for cluster Types: development, devnet, mainnet-beta, testnet
  • Possible values for Hashes-per-tick: Int value if you want some number else Sleep for None.
  • Given command will modify the Cluster type to Development and Hashes per Tick to None

You can verify the same using the below command.

solana-ledger-tool --ledger OUPUT_DIRECTORY genesis

For more options, you can use --help to get full details.

solana-ledger-tool modify-genesis --help
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    Give that you found the necessary arguments, I'm guessing you figured out that the subcommands each have their own help. But, I'll elaborate incase others stumble upon this. In the initial screenshot you posted, solana-ledger-tool --help will show all the available subcommands for solana-ledger-tool. Then, supposing you want to use the modify-genesis subcommand, you can then run solana-ledger-tool modify-genesis --help to see the additional help and available arguments for modify-genesis.
    – steviez
    Dec 14, 2022 at 9:24
  • Yeah forgot to mention this. Thanks I'll update my answer. Dec 14, 2022 at 9:34

There are good resources that could help out, have you tried:

I shared this links because you said there were no resources btw..

  • I said no resources on how to use solana-ledger-tool Dec 13, 2022 at 11:44

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