I have an app that shows a user's previous transactions. Right now, after a new transaction is made in the app, when signature is confirmed, I'll run:

const rawTransaction = await connection.getParsedTransaction(signature, {});

And add this to the list of list of previous transactions.

Likewise, if a transaction is made for another app, I'll need to run connection.getSignaturesForAddress() and connection.getParsedTransactions() to pull the latest transactions in my app.

But is there a better way? Specifically can I receive a message telling me about the new transaction (rather than polling for the transaction)?

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You can subscribe to program logs that mention the user's pubkey.

Using @solana/web3.js, you might do this:

const subscriptionId = connection.onLogs(
  ({signature}) => {

See the onLogs() documentation for more options.

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