In @solana/web3.js you'd normally make a transfer SOL transaction with SystemProgram.transfer():

const transferTransaction = new Transaction().add(
    fromPubkey: fromKeypair.publicKey,
    toPubkey: toKeypair.publicKey,
    lamports: lamportsToSend,

await sendAndConfirmTransaction(connection, transferTransaction, [fromKeypair]);

The options for an instruction are defined by TransferParams - right now TransferParams doesn't have any options for priority fees.

How do I send a transaction with priority fees with @solana/web3.js?

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Answering my own question to help others

Priority fees are a seperate instruction added to the transaction. See the Solana Cookbook Priority Fees

From their example:

const modifyComputeUnits = ComputeBudgetProgram.setComputeUnitLimit({ 
  units: 1000000 

const addPriorityFee = ComputeBudgetProgram.setComputeUnitPrice({ 
  microLamports: 1 

const transaction = new Transaction()
      fromPubkey: payer.publicKey,
      toPubkey: toAccount,
      lamports: 10000000,

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