I created a collection using the latest Sugar CLI tool about a month ago, and am getting an error when trying to upgrade the collection to the MIP-1 standard. The first collection (the one giving me issues) is currently being protected by Simpl3r, could that be the issue?

A second collection that was created yesterday is in the 14 day waiting period. Please see the below image

error message

  • Did you try again later? Is there an error shown in the browser console? Can you tell us the collection address? Jan 8 at 23:03
  • I did try a few times a few days apart. Of course, the day after I posted this it worked successfully. TYSM @MarkSackerberg for putting the "fear of support" into the program :) I had the browser console open this time to try and catch the error Cheers! SOLVED!
    – Ivaldi
    Jan 10 at 5:16


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