For security reasons, I know that we should check for the account owner of certain accounts. Although, if I recall correctly, Anchor already does this by default?

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It depends how you load the account in the account context.

Account (docs.rs)

Wrapper around AccountInfo that verifies program ownership and deserializes underlying data into a Rust type.

pub escrow: Account<'info, TokenAccount>,

AccountLoader (docs.rs)

Type facilitating on demand zero copy deserialization. Will check the owner and discriminator.

pub state: AccountLoader<'info, VrfClient>,

AccountInfo (docs.rs)

No checks, loaded straight from the slot leader processing your transaction.

pub authority: AccountInfo<'info>,
  • After all this time, I think I finally get it. The AccountLoader will only check for ownership after a load or load_mut is called (thus being on-demand) - will fail during execution. Unlike the Account which will check before Tx execution - will fail before execution?
    – Burger Bob
    Jan 19, 2023 at 9:48

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