I am working in a React Native dapp and I need to connect my Phantom Wallet. For that, I am using Deeplinks Phantom methods to establish a connection.

Later, I want to use the connection with Anchor as if I was in a web project. I need to build an AnchorProvider object with the connection and the user Wallet.

In desktop, we use window.solana or new Wallet(keypair) to build this AnchorProvider:

import { Connection, clusterApiUrl, Keypair, ConfirmOptions } from '@solana/web3.js'
import { AnchorProvider, Wallet } from '@project-serum/anchor';

(async () => {

  const connection = new Connection(clusterApiUrl('devnet'));
  const keypair = new Keypair();

  const options: ConfirmOptions = {
    preflightCommitment: 'processed',
  const provider = new AnchorProvider(
    window.solana || new Wallet(keypair),       // I need this object from deeplink

  console.log('Provider', provider)


Is it possible to generate a Wallet object later to establish a connection with Deeplinks?? The deeplink provider methods don't seem to return the same data typing.



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