I use this code to print.

        originalMint: new PublicKey(masterEditionMint)

Then I use burn_edition_nft instruction to burn the minted one. Both work but after burning when I try printing again, I got this error:

  key: 'metaplex.errors.program.parsed_program_error',
  title: 'TokenMetadataProgram > Already initialized',

When I check the source code of the metadata program, it seems that a metadata and/or edition account is already created. And when I explore these, they seem closed.

Any idea?

  • It seems, printNewEdition function uses current master edition's supply which is actually decreased when burn_edition_nft is run. This cause to a wrong number of edition to be tried to be minted.
    – Asim
    Commented Feb 1, 2023 at 5:39


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