What are the steps to getting a single-node validator in a private network (using the solana-validator binary) running? The current setup I'm doing is

solana-genesis \
  --enable-warmup-epochs \
  --cluster-type development \
  --bootstrap-validator "$HOME/validator-keypair.json" "$HOME/vote-account-keypair.json" "$HOME/validator-stake-keypair.json" \
  --ledger "$LEDGER_DIR"

solana-validator \
  --allow-private-addr \
  --enable-rpc-transaction-history \
  --full-rpc-api \
  --no-poh-speed-test \
  --dynamic-port-range 8200-8300 \
  --identity "$HOME/validator-keypair.json" \
  --incremental-snapshot-interval-slots 200 \
  --log "$LEDGER_DIR/validator.log" \
  --public-rpc-address "$GOSSIP_HOST:8111" \
  --vote-account "$HOME/vote-account-keypair.json" \
  --ledger "$LEDGER_DIR"

but my validator is stuck with messages saying Haven't landed a vote, so skipping my leader slot after the initial ____ reset PoH to tick 64 (within slot 0). My next leader slot is 1.

If I pass the --no-wait-for-vote-to-start-leader flag to the validator, I instead get messages saying slot_state_update: DuplicateConfirmed(DuplicateConfirmedState { duplicate_confirmed_hash: ___, bank_status: Frozen(___) }).

Are there any flags I need to pass during genesis or to the validator to allow it to run and permanently stay as the single-node leader?

  • This doesn't address your exact question, since you're asking about how to run a single solana-validator instance, but how about just using solana-test-validator? That gives all of the functionality that you need without the gossip and voting, which are unnecessary for a single-validator cluster.
    – Jon C
    Feb 6, 2023 at 22:06
  • Did you ever find an answer to this? I am seeing the same results trying to start my own cluster...
    – T3chie
    Apr 2, 2023 at 23:13


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