I'm trying to analyze a transaction for the NFT Lending protocol Sharky.fi.

This txn for example : Cm4pCJFCKQzmtuZ254itotMokhK8X6zs7YfeWKYE6i8kpaowZ3XzUPWJbhvvcoZ6KxULP79PEBy8A3P4nmPpkgg

We have an OfferLoan instruction, but I'd like to know which collection is this offer for.

Thanks for your help.

  • Looks like you would need to read each of the accounts included in the transaction, then parse the data from there. I would ask in their project discord to get specific help with their contract
    – nickfrosty
    Feb 5, 2023 at 17:30

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should probably ask this in the sharkyfi discord. doesn't look like any of the accounts on that transaction include NFTs or NFT token accounts so hard to tell.


The 7th input account of the OfferLoan instruction is unique per collection.

In the above transaction, it's 7FbuhkNjvis2wk3vxu9jpeHjgxpr2Myyw9vmnbVWoPLT.

To match a collection, search in Sharky source code and find :

    orderBookPubKey: "7FbuhkNjvis2wk3vxu9jpeHjgxpr2Myyw9vmnbVWoPLT",
    collectionName: "y00ts"

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