I have an enum used in one of my account that looks like this:

#[derive(AnchorSerialize, AnchorDeserialize, Clone)]
pub enum ItemType {
    Folder { folder_mint: Pubkey },
    Reference { folder_mint: Pubkey },
    External { uri: String },

pub struct Item {
    /// Used as seed
    pub folder_mint: Pubkey,
    /// Used as seed
    pub index: u32,
    pub previous_index: u32,
    pub creation_timestamp: i64,
    pub item_type: ItemType,

I know I can export the account like so: export type Item = IdlAccounts<MyProgram>["item"];

But how can I export the enum type?

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i think you can use : type myEnum = IdlTypes<ProgramIdl>["enumName"]

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