I'm trying to mint with umi's mintV2 method on devnet for a candy machine that does not have pNFTs set up. The Metaplex doc says

the new mintV2 instructions can be used to mint regular NFTs

but I'm getting this error:

Error: Method not implemented.

Here is my code:

const nftMint = generateSigner(umi);
const result = await transactionBuilder()
  .add(setComputeUnitLimit(umi, { units: 800_000 }))
    mintV2(umi, {
      candyMachine: candyMachine.publicKey,
      collectionMint: candyMachine.collectionMint,
      collectionUpdateAuthority: candyMachine.authority,

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Make sure to install the correct tag for mpl-candy-machine. Needs to be @alpha.

npm install \
      @metaplex-foundation/umi \
      @metaplex-foundation/umi-bundle-defaults \
      @solana/web3.js \

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