I am trying to create Metadata for an NFT. I found this function and the second parameter is "metadata_account". I have been looking everywhere trying to find what this is. I thought I was creating the metadata, so I'm really confused what its asking for.

My guess: To create a new mint, I passed in a newly generated Keypair pubkey, is this similar, where I just pass in a newly created Pubkey?

mpl_token_metadata::instruction::create_metadata_accounts_v3 Documentation

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metadata_account is the account that stores the metadata for the mint and is a PDA. enter image description here

From the client you can derive it using @metaplex-foundation/js:

const metadataAccountAddress = await metaplex
  .metadata({ mint: mintAddress }) // pubkey of the mint

If you are creating the metadata account via a CPI in Anchor, you can also validate the account address using mpl_token_metadata crate.

use mpl_token_metadata::pda::find_metadata_account
pub metadata_account: UncheckedAccount<'info>

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