If I have an Anchor IDL json, is it possible to generate an Anchor program (Rust) script with it?

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To put it simply, no. You'll also need to clone the program executable from the chain. For example, if the program address is ATokenGPvbdGVxr1b2hvZbsiqW5xWH25efTNsLJA8knL, you'll need to do:

$ solana program dump ATokenGPvbdGVxr1b2hvZbsiqW5xWH25efTNsLJA8knL program.so
Wrote program to atoken.so
$ solana program deploy program.so
Program Id: PzZM4jv8R8MMWwx9QRep9o78eSUhipUQ4j8LBE9gAq8

Note that this may not work as expected, since some programs hard-code the expected address of the program when checking ownership or deriving PDAs. In our example, that means that ATokenGPvbdGVxr1b2hvZbsiqW5xWH25efTNsLJA8knL is hardcoded somewhere in the executable.

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