I am a bit confused in that ChatGPT is reporting that the Solana CLI supports setting a priority fee using the --priority option like so:

solana transfer 10 SOL --from <SOURCE_WALLET_ADDRESS> --to <DESTINATION_WALLET_ADDRESS> --priority 128

But when I try the example I get an error:

error: Found argument '--priority' which wasn't expected, or isn't valid in this context

The CLI help file does NOT mention the --priority option. I can accept the ChatGPT is in error. I just want to make sure from someone expert on the matter.

Thanks in advance.

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It's only available on master at the moment, but you'll be able to use the new --with-compute-unit-price flag, ie:

solana transfer --with-compute-unit-price 10 3pGiHDDek35npQuyWQ7FGcWxqJdHvVPDHDDmBFs2YxQj 10

And here's its help text:

        --with-compute-unit-price <COMPUTE-UNIT-PRICE>
            Set compute unit price for transaction, in increments of 0.000001 lamports per compute unit.

Once 1.16 branches off of master, you'll be able to use it! Or you can build the CLI from source yourself.


Yeah you cant set priority fee with the cli yet. Feel free to check this out for more info https://docs.solana.com/cli/usage and which features cli supports rn

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