Account B delegated authority to Account A for n tokens. Now Account A wants to transfer tokens to Account C using delegated amount. CLI command is needed.

I tried running the below command. the default account is Account A.

spl-token transfer <mint address> <amount> <AccountC Address> --from <AccountB TokenAddress>

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You're very close! For a delegate, you want to pass them as the --owner of the account, so try:

spl-token transfer <mint address> <amount> <AccountC Address> --from <AccountB TokenAddress> --owner <AccountA Address>

Using https://github.com/solana-labs/solana-program-library/blob/7f8e5bb99015842a22e9cfbfca35d9072405fa03/token/cli/src/main.rs#L5821 as a reference test that checks this behavior

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