The Solana Token List is now archived. So I tried adding the token metadata to metaplex.

Here's what I uploaded:

  "description":"Fake USDC for testing.",
  "image":"<url of my fake usdc logo>",
  "name":"Fake USD Coin",

It shows up correctly on the Phantom wallet. But it shows up as an NFT (Collectible) on the Solflare wallet.

How do we add custom tokens to solflare?

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You did everything correctly, Solflare doesn't show those tokens correctly yet but we have a fix that should be live tomorrow probably :)


This might be one for Solflare support: https://solflare.com/support

They document that they support the NFT standard from metaplex: https://docs.solflare.com/solflare/technical/our-nft-standard but they don't mention fungible tokens as far as I can see. I know that in the past they have had great support using token-list, but as you said that's deprecated now. So probably best to reach out to them and see if they support fungible tokens using the metaplex standard, or just NFTs.

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