I'm trying to build a dApp embedded wallet that can interface with the Solana Wallet Adapter. I am looking at the Wallet Standard and I'm wondering if this could be used to build a dApp embedded wallet that exists on the actual site itself (not a browser extension). I'd also need it to auto-connect and feed the wallet adapter, is that possible?

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Yes. Anything which has access to the JavaScript context in which the dApp runs can implement the Wallet Standard and register as a @solana/wallet-adapter compatible wallet.

See solanaWallet.ts for an example of how to build a Wallet Standard wallet, and this for an example of how to register it.

  • Gotcha, thanks, in terms of registering the wallet, is that the same as connecting or is that separate? I need the wallet to be able to autoconnect to the dApp without having ever being connected in the first place.
    – Zero
    Jun 6 at 8:45
  • It's separate. ‘Registering’ means to add it to the Wallet Standard registry so that apps can discover which wallets they can connect to. Jun 6 at 19:34

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