As per Solana Labs token-list instructions, now it's done with Metaplex tools. Trying to do that with Strata update token tool, but my address is not the mint authority, the token was issued using DAO voting.

Program metaqbxxUerdq28cj1RbAWkYQm3ybzjb6a8bt518x1s invoke [1]
Program log: Instruction: Create Metadata Accounts v2
Program log: Mint authority provided does not match the authority on the mint


Does that mean I need to pick "Execute Custom Instruction" for a Realms voting? Is there an easy way to get a serialized tx from a UI?

enter image description here

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Creating and updating token metadata will be done by default through Realms in the future, relying on completion of this pull request.

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    Used the autodeployed "Preview – governance-ui" link from the PR, it worked - I create the proposal. Will update after executing instructions.
    – Utgarda
    Jul 14, 2022 at 14:16
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    The PR has been merged and DAOs can now create and update their tokens metadata through the UI Jul 21, 2022 at 14:24

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