I am unable to find logs of failed solana program invocation (on devnet) when I invoke the program with Java solana client(this solanaj library). However, when I invoke the same program using @solana/web3.js - then I am able to find logs of failed program invocations on devnet.

For instance - this is a simple solana program that I wrote that simply returns error.

In the transaction history section of the onchain program, you can find failed results with logged error. However, when I invoke the same program with java client (this solanaj library), I don't see the failed result on the devnet explorer, however I do get a failed error response in the java program.

Web3 program invocation code is as follows:

let txid = await sendAndConfirmTransaction(connection, tx, signers, {
skipPreflight: true,
preflightCommitment: "confirmed",
commitment: "confirmed",

Java program invocation code is as follows:

final String transactionId = rpcClient.getApi().sendTransaction(transaction);

I suspect that this could be because web3 invokes sendAndConfirmTransaction where as java client invokes sendTransaction. There is no support in the java client to invoke sendAndConfirmTransaction. Another suspicion I have is on additional parameters namely skipPreflight, preflightCommitment, commitment that I can pass through web3 client but there is no such support in the java client library.

Any kind of help will be much appreciated!

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Could be that the Java client is not skipping Preflight, aka. Transaction simulation, which means that if you have a transaction that automatically fails, the client won't even send the transaction.

  • I am writing a custom java client to vet this out now. I will update the thread. Thanks!
    – SnoopyMe
    Commented Jul 6, 2023 at 9:11

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