So i'm messing around with transactions and want to make sure that it goes through before continuing so that i dont end up losing solana as if this were a peer to peer transaction. Waiting for a tx to hit 31 confirmations takes too long and I want to speed it up, so whats a good amt of confirmations for me to declare a transaction as finalized myself to speed up the whole process a tad bit? Thanks.

  • this can't really be answered in a general way, it's application specific
    – trent.sol
    Commented Jul 25, 2022 at 5:16

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Solana offers three different commitment levels, finalized, confirmed and processed, as described here.

A commitment level of confirmed is usually considered sufficient unless your existence depends on it. It is usually quite fast, as 1 - 3 seconds or so.

Solana doesn't work with the "number of confirmations" scheme that is used in Ethereum with PoW. The commitment levels are based whether a supermajority of validators has confirmed the transaction (finalized) or includes votes from gossip (inter-validator communication) and replay (confirmed). Therefore, the time to confirmed and time to finalized can vary.

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