My team and I have a doubt where we need some clarification. In the context of state compression:

Is the data stored off-chain or somewhere else within the Solana ecosystem? Where the actual data is getting stored?



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TL;DR from this Helius blog post:

NFT compression lets developers & creators store the bulk of NFT data on the ledger (which is much cheaper than on-chain storage) while storing the digital fingerprint of that data on the Solana blockchain in the form of a Merkle Tree. If the indexer data is tampered with in any way, the digital fingerprint of this data won’t match the fingerprint on-chain — thereby guaranteeing data integrity

Whether a ledger is considered on-chain or off-chain is a matter of discussion but Solana founder claims it's on-chain. Two interesting discussions on twitter can be found here and here.

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    Thanks. The doubts are clarified. Jul 29, 2023 at 0:01

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