Is it possible to start a local validator with my Solana program already deployed?

Or do I have to do 2 separate commands? One first starting the validator, another for deploying?

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Example scenario: Say you wanted to load the spl stake-pool program and you had its shared-object file saved at fixtures/spl-stake-pool.so.

If you're running tests with anchor then adding:

address = "SPoo1Ku8WFXoNDMHPsrGSTSG1Y47rzgn41SLUNakuHy"
program = "fixtures/spl_stake_pool.so"

to your Anchor.toml file would load the program under the specified address.

If not then:

solana-test-validator --bpf-program SPoo1Ku8WFXoNDMHPsrGSTSG1Y47rzgn41SLUNakuHy fixtures/spl_stake_pool.so"

would do the same.

Note: The --bpf-program flag also accepts a keypair path as its first argument. So instead of a pubkey like "SPoo1..", you can specify fixtures/address-kp.json and solana-test-validator will retrieve the address from it. The anchor config file should likely allow that also

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