I have Magiceden API bearer token and using the buyNow endpoint

Which return Buffer data as in the picture. enter image description here

I tried to create the Transaction like this:

  1. const transactionME = Transaction.from(Buffer.from(data.ix.txSigned.data))
  2. const transactionME = VersionedTransaction.deserialize(Buffer.from(data.ix.v0.txSigned.data))

Then sign like this using the wallet adapter:

const signedTxns = await signAllTransactions([transactionME])

Then send like this:

  1. const signature = await sendTransaction(transaction, connection);
  2. let sig = await conn.connection.sendRawTransaction(signedTxns[i].serialize(), preflightCommitment: "confirmed",skipPreflight: false})

But always getting the following error:

"Program log: AnchorError caused by account: seller_trade_state. Error Code: AccountNotInitialized. Error Number: 3012. Error Message: The program expected this account to be already initialized."

I even tried to create everything from IDL getting exactly the same error: enter image description here

I really do not understand how to do it.

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I have taken a quick glance at my ME API integration code from last year and this was the process for the buy-now endpoint which worked at the time (and I believe still works to this day):

const sellTransaction = Transaction.from(response.txSigned.data)
const signedTransaction = await signTransaction(sellTransaction)
const signature = await connection.sendRawTransaction(signedTransaction.serialize())

// optionally, listen to the signature after the transaction has been sent

I believe your ME integration is correct but the issue is on some other (semi-related) end. Have you tried reaching out to the ME team?

Let me know if this code snippet works for you! If not, I'll try investigating more.

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