How can I get the last block or slot with all transactions in it with one Solana API request? The way I found: getSlot() -> getBlock(slotNumber). The problem with this method is that it is very slow. To get full information about a block you need to make 2 requests, it takes 1 or more seconds, and I need to process every new block in the network that comes out once every 0.4 sec. How can I get information about a new block with one request?

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If you want to process every block as it comes in, the better option is to use the subscription API blockSubscribe https://docs.solana.com/api/websocket#blocksubscribe

Otherwise, rather than constantly calling getSlot first, you can get a whole range using getBlocks https://docs.solana.com/api/http#getblocks or getBlocksWithLimit https://docs.solana.com/api/http#getblockswithlimit in the beginning, and then keep incrementing the slot by 1 and calling getBlock as you were doing before. Some slots will be empty, and that's normal.

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