I am encountering errors when using the Metaplex SDK. When I attempt to list an NFT on the auction house and place a bid on an NFT, I receive these error messages. The transactions appear to go through successfully, and I can see the listings and bids on Solscan, but when I check the terminal, it displays these errors. Interestingly, when I run the script again, it works without issues and provides a response with signatures, but when I run script first time, its show those error.

Could you please assist me in understanding whether these issues are related to the Metaplex SDK?

Error: Listing ----- FailedToConfirmTransactionError: The transaction could not be confirmed. Please check the underlying error below for more details.

Source: RPC

Caused By: [object Object]

Bidding ----- AccountNotFoundError: The account of type [BidReceipt] was not found at the provided address [9DZF9Bz2Y7qeNNhgX1HpoedSZa5S72moAdR3nKvfo8we].

Source: SDK

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If everything looks OK in Solscan it means it worked fine.

AccountNotFoundError error probably happens because you're trying to fetch the account too early after it was created (there is a small delay between a tx being sent and it being finalized on the chain).

To fix this ideally you should wait a bit after sending a tx before you fetch the newly created account, or you could also configure your web3 connection to use processed or confirmed as commitment levels. More info.

Eg: await metaplex.connection.getAccountInfo(myAccount, "processed");

  • Thanks for reply But I can't create any account while listing or bidding, find the auction house details and list like this const list = await metaplex.auctionHouse().list({ auctionHouse: auctionHouse, mintAccount: nft_address, price: amount, }); then where I can use Proceed or confirmed
    – Bobz
    Commented Aug 28, 2023 at 6:35

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