For instance: https://solscan.io/account/2LshMLoR8QJkuAv7m6xAs4tYaS5XTfF4Yame21f1Ls9o

Currently, there're 6 TXs on the main tab.

On the SPL Transfers tab the most recent TX with USDC ($1100) was made a few hours ago:


However, the list of the TXs on the main tab doesn't include that one at all. Moreover, a request to the API getSignaturesForAddress(...) won't include that TX with USDC either! But I need it. Why hasn't it been included?

What should I do then? How to make the API call include such SPL TXs too?

Or how else obtain them?

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this said transaction is not included in the getSignaturesForAddress() because it is called with the wallet address, and the wallet address is not an account included in this transaction (spl transfer).

If you want to get the 4 usdc transactions of this wallet, you have to use getSignaturesForAddress() with the associated token account address like this : getSignaturesForAddress(BqtewRVV4LsGvgfnjRRwzXdnYBbJCXs9C3mTzeJns7uz)

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