My HashMap is not functioning properly on Solana when using a Rust program. Is there an alternative approach to achieving a similar functionality to a HashMap? Essentially, I want to retrieve data associated with each user who has donated SOL. When I paste an address, I want to find out what they have donated.

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For your application, the "Solana" way would be to create a PDA for each user who has donated when the donation ix runs, e.g:

        seeds = [b"user-data-acc", user.key().as_ref()],
        payer = payer,
        space = SIZE_OF_YOUR_STRUCT
    pub user_data: Account<'info, YourUserDataAcc>,

Now you can store whatever information you want in that struct, like:

pub struct YourUserDataAcc {
    pub some_key: Pubkey,
    pub another_key: Pubkey,
    pub amt: u64,

And now you can always derive and load your struct for some userKey the front end with:

    [Buffer.from("user-data-acc", "utf-8"), userKey.toBuffer()],

Hashmaps aren't supported in Solana. Try using a Btree instead.


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