I recently came across solang after spending a lot of time in learning anchor and rust for writing smart contracts.
I felt solang as good goto option when compared to rust anchor, As it is very similar to solidity except some minor changes.

But all I want to know is, How stable is solang so that we can use in the production ?
If we are using solang intead of rust what are the caveats we need to keep in our mind and what are the potentials issues me might come across ?

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Solang support is relative new to Solana, however:

  • We have been working on this project for many years now - writing a new compiler is a large effort
  • We've had three security audits by Trail of Bits, which have covered all the security critical parts of the compiler. The first report is public, the others will also be made public soon.
  • There is a dedicated team at Solana Labs working full time on Solang. Our aim is to have Solidity as a fully supported language for Solana and have it a stable language of course. We're expanding the team.
  • There are also Polkadot developers working Hyperledger Solang (for the Polkadot wasm target).
  • Please ask questions on our Discord server and on stack exchange, we want to make Solang succeed.

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