I want to write the following structure to the account:

#[derive(BorshDeserialize, BorshSerialize, Clone, Debug, PartialEq)]
pub struct Bid {
    /// XJUST lamports
    pub xjust: u64,
    /// selected side
    pub side: u8,
    /// user key
    pub pubkey: String,

#[derive(BorshDeserialize, BorshSerialize, Debug, Default)]
pub struct BidData {
    // list bids
    pub bids: Vec<Bid>,

allocate memory:

class Bid {
  xjust = new BN('10000000');
  side = 0;
  pubkey = "";
  constructor(fields: { xjust: BN, side: number, pubkey: string } | undefined = undefined) {
    if (fields) {
      this.xjust = fields.xjust;

class BettingAccount extends Bid {
  static decode(bytes: Buffer) {
    const dataLengthBuffer = Buffer.alloc(4);
    bytes.copy(dataLengthBuffer, 0, 0, 4);

    const dataLength = DataLength.decode(dataLengthBuffer);

    const accountDataBuffer = Buffer.alloc(Object.keys(dataLength).length);
    bytes.copy(accountDataBuffer, 0, 4, Object.keys(dataLength).length);
    return deserialize(BettingSchema, BettingAccount, accountDataBuffer);

const BettingSchema = new Map([
  [Bid, {kind: 'struct', fields: [
    ['xjust', 'u64'],
    ['side', 'u8'],
    ['pubkey', 'string'],
  [BettingAccount, {kind: 'struct', fields: [
    ['bids', [Bid]]
const transaction = new Transaction().add(
      fromPubkey: newBet.publicKey,
      basePubkey: newBet.publicKey,
      seed: 'GREETING_SEED',
      newAccountPubkey: greetedPubkey,
      space: 10200,
      programId: PROGRAM_ID.publicKey,
  await sendAndConfirmTransaction(connection, transaction, [newBet]);
  console.log("newbet", greetedPubkey.toString());

But when popyki count (even empty) account. i get failed: Failed to serialize or deserialize account data: Unknown'

read account like this:

let mut bet_data = BidData::try_from_slice(&bet_account.data.borrow())?;

if i try

let mut bet_account = BidData::try_from_slice(&bet.data.borrow()[..]).unwrap();

then I get an error: panicked at \'called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: Custom { kind: InvalidData, error: "Not all bytes read" }\', src/lib.rs:94:83'

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The problem is that, as a variable length data block due to the Vec<Bid> which is not completely populating the account size you have pre-allocated.

What borsh does is look at the size of the account you've allocated and does a check to validate that the data array is completely consumed with data.

On the client side, borsh has a deserializeUnchecked to use instead.

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