This slot is present in other 3 nodes I'm running and has no errors. Only this node is giving errors for this block and 1000s of other blocks.

The ledger tool shows the slot is present.

solana@us-west1-20:/data/solana-ledger$ solana-ledger-tool -l . slot 221650090
[2023-10-06T09:52:51.244003441Z INFO  solana_ledger_tool] solana-ledger-tool 1.16.14 (src:c932953e; feat:4033350765, client:SolanaLabs)
[2023-10-06T09:52:51.244098510Z INFO  solana_ledger::blockstore] Maximum open file descriptors: 1000000
[2023-10-06T09:52:51.244102404Z INFO  solana_ledger::blockstore] Opening database at "/data/solana-ledger/rocksdb"
[2023-10-06T09:52:51.248727142Z INFO  solana_ledger::blockstore_db] Opening Rocks with secondary (read only) access at: "/data/solana-ledger/rocksdb/solana-secondary"
[2023-10-06T09:52:51.248738214Z INFO  solana_ledger::blockstore_db] This secondary access could temporarily degrade other accesses, such as by solana-validator
[2023-10-06T09:54:48.626724520Z INFO  solana_ledger::blockstore_db] Rocks's automatic compactions are disabled due to Secondary access
[2023-10-06T09:54:48.627296091Z INFO  solana_ledger::blockstore] "/data/solana-ledger/rocksdb" open took 117.4s

Slot 221650090

[2023-10-06T09:54:49.712119400Z INFO  solana_ledger_tool] ledger tool took 118.5s

But when I query, I get the following error.

solana@us-west1-20:/data/solana-ledger$ curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"jsonrpc": "2.0","id":1,"method":"getBlock","params":[221650090, {"maxSupportedTransactionVersion": 0}]}' localhost:8899
{"jsonrpc":"2.0","error":{"code":-32007,"message":"Slot 221650090 was skipped, or missing due to ledger jump to recent snapshot"},"id":1}

Anyway to fix?

I tried the repair command for the whole range reported missing in queries.

solana-ledger-tool -l /data/solana-ledger/ repair-roots --before 221675707 --until 221646988

Didn't work. Got,

No missing roots found in range

If I can rewind the chain like geth, that would be great.


anway to do that?

  • Worth noting that while slot and block are closely related, they are different things. A slot is a period of time where a block may be produced, but it's not guaranteed. Slots that don't produce blocks are skipped-slots. So when the ledger tools reports that a slot exists, it might not mean that it produced a block, just that the ledger contains activity for that slot.
    – Serban
    Commented Oct 9, 2023 at 12:16
  • Forgot to mention that slot contains a block. Other nodes confirms this. Will update the question.
    – Shinto C V
    Commented Oct 9, 2023 at 14:00

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Slot 221650090

That output is not actually showing the slot as present; there would be more output if the slot were present. For example, here is the output from a random slot I picked on my ledger:

$ solana-ledger-tool slot 223505826 --ledger ~/ledger/

Slot 223505826
  num_shreds: 659, parent_slot: Some(223505825), next_slots: [223505827], num_entries: 206, is_full: true

Also, you should confirm that the slot itself should be in the ledger by running the bounds subcommand:

$ solana-ledger-tool bounds --ledger ~/ledger/

Ledger has data for 291046 slots 223211323 to 223505858
  with 287976 rooted slots from 223211323 to 223505826
  and 32 slots past the last root

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